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Naya Daur 1957 Full Movie 28 (April-2022)




The film was a blockbuster hit of the year and is a critically acclaimed film in India. The film won National Film Awards for Best Feature Film in Hindi and Best Direction and was a milestone in Indian cinema history. Naya Daur went on to be considered as one of the best and timeless classic films in the history of Indian cinema. Plot This is a story of a complex, subtly nuanced portrait of the dynamics of a relationship, told through the alternating points of view of its two principals. A love story in itself, the tale spans 10 years. The story follows the relationship between Manohar Parija (Bharat Kapoor), a medical doctor, and his wife Manorama (Kamini Kaushal) – both of whom have completed their education. Manorama is a carefree, understanding and loving wife and mother. She is interested in leisure and women’s issues and is described as a good listener. Manohar, on the other hand, is a more ambitious and driven person with an intense personality. He is a good listener too, though. But he has the drive to succeed. He dreams of becoming a surgeon, and he is a highly successful one in his profession. Manohar sees a lot of cases of tuberculosis. One day while his friend, Samar (Prem Chopra), asks him to perform a surgery on a tuberculosis patient, he suddenly loses his eyesight. After that, Manohar no longer sees the woman he loves. After a few years, Manohar starts falling in love with Zoya (Ishratru), a nurse at his hospital, and wants to marry her. He tries to speak to Manorama about the problem, but Manorama thinks he is only courting Zoya because of his eyesight. She refuses to budge, and Manohar gives up. After a few more years, Manohar gets married to a girl named Reena (Sukumari). He arranges a marriage between his parents and Reena’s parents, but Reena turns out to be immature and vulgar. Manohar is still smitten with her. Manorama is excited about the engagement, but she also learns that Reena is an untrained singer. Manorama, furious, throws out Reena from their house. As if this wasn’t enough, when Manohar starts working for the Bhopal Gas Company, he is surprised to find that Zoya is working there too




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Naya Daur 1957 Full Movie 28 (April-2022)
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