Greatest Showman/ Circus Theme

        (All Props can be decorated in a Spooky, Halloween, Twisted Circus)


Event Prop Shop can provide some awesome, unique, Greatest Showman inspired, Party Props. We hire Ticket Booths and Kissing booths for that Vintage Carnival Theme you are looking for. Our Carnival Props come with authentic Cabochon Fairground Bulbs: LED Lighting that never gets hot, with extremely low power consumption.

Just send us an enquiry and we can put some packages together to suit your budget.

Are you looking for Fairground/ Circus Mirrors? We have original 8ft tall fun 'House of Mirrors' style distortion mirrors available to hire for your next Circus Themed Party. Mirrors are child friendly, on stands and fitted with braked wheels. (4 different mirrors available)

We stock life-sized models of Circus & Fairground Animals including Giraffes and Carousel Horses. Perfect for Circus and Fairground themed parties in London.




This Stunning, Vintage Style Circus Entranceway is attached to heavy weight Barrels, so it is suitable for inside or outside use.

The Greatest Show on Earth Prop

Hand Painted, The Greatest Show on Earth Caged wagon prop, containing two 6ft Tall Giraffe Statues. A terrific focal point at any Showman Themed party!

Greatest Showman table Centrepieces

A stunning range of Circus Table Centrepieces, available to hire at Children's Parties throughout the UK.

The Greatest Show on Earth!

A Greatest Showman Party  is really HOT for 2019 and we have a huge selection of stunning and unique Greatest Showman inspired props available, to help bring the spectacle of the Greatest Show on Earth to your Party or Event! We can even personalise many of these props in our studio to help make your event unique! 

Larg Circus Sign Hire for Parties

5m x 1m with sparkling bulbs, this CIRCUS Sign Prop is HUGE!

gold glitter stars, showtime circus prop

8ft Tall SHOWTIME Sign. Circus style lettering with colourful fairground bulbs

Large Gold Glitte Star Props for Parties

Giant Gold & Glitter Star Props. 8ft and 3ft tall, freestanding.

Step Right Up Circus Sign Hire

These Beautiful Traditional Signs come with freestanding easel type stands to raise them 6ft off the ground. They can be lit with Fairground Bulbs.

Large, Freestanding, Red, White and Blue Star Prop.

Carousel Horse prop Hire

Carousel Horse Props for Hire (x2) Perfect for Circus and Fairground Themes.

Circus Sign Hire for Parties

Giant Circus Light up Letters for hire

Giant Popcorn Bucket Prop Hire

6ft Tall Vintage Popcorn Bucket Props on Easels. (2D) Two of these available.

Circus Party Cake Table_ Caged Wagon Pro

Smaller Circus Wagon Cage Prop  Perfect for use as a Cake Table

Giant Circus Ticket prop hire

Event Prop Shop Specialise in Circus Themed Prop Hire for Asian Parties & Events. Seen here at Ditton Manor, working with Steve & Kev from

Full size Lion Statue Prop Hire

Life size King of the Jungle Lion prop

Giant Circus Wagon Prop Hire with 6ft Giraffe.

A range of different freestanding panels and light boxes for a Circus theme. The can be supplied personalised for your event!

Ticket Booth Prop Hire

8ft Tall Ticket Booth Prop with sparkling Cabochon fairground Bulbs.

Christ The Redeemer Statue Around The Wo

Christ The Redeemer Statue for Hire. Perfect for Rio Carnival themes.

Children's Circus Parties, Prop Hire Events

Some of our Circus themed prop hire at a Circus themed Birthday Party, held at The Grove in Hertfordshire, February 2017

Greatest Showman Prop Hire Celtic Manor

Twisted Circus, scary Clown Prop Hire on Easel Stand.

Unattended Children will be Sold to The Circus Sign Prop

5ft x 2ft on easel.

No Circus is complete without a Clown!

Our Life-sized friendly Clown figure is sure to put a smile on everyone's face at your Circus Themed Event.

Perfect for photo opportunities with your guests!

Come One, Come All. Admit One, Circus Ticket prop Hire. Welcome guests to your Greatest Showman Party with these Giant, Personalised Tickets

Circus and Fairground Themed Carousel Horses for Hire. Perfect for Circus Themed Parties. Seen here at Ditton Manor in Slough.

Children's Circus Parties

A selection of our Circus Props and Circus Signage seen in use here at a Fabulous Circus Themed Birthday Party at Ditton Park Manor in Royal Berkshire, Slough.

Our props are perfect for any Carnival, Fairground or Funfair Themed Party. Asian Birthday Parties with a Circus Theme are our Speciality. Our Beautiful Carousel Horses are also ideal for Christmas themed Parties.

Freak Show Prop Hire

Freak Show Prop Hire. Traditional Freak Show Sign for Hire

Hand painted, Greatest Showman Themed,

Circus Table Centrepiece Hire

LNYDP Prop Hire

As part of the New Year's Celebrations, our Circus Themed Prop Hire was used here at One Whitehall Place, Central London. The Grand Hallway was transformed with our Hall of Mirrors, Showtime Signs and Life-sized Animal Statues. Our Prop Team added ambience with the use of coloured led lighting.

Zebra Statue Hire

Pair of Zebra Foals Statues. Fully 3D and hand finished. Perfect for a Circus or Jungle Themed Party

Jungle Safari Chidren's Party London

These Life Sized Sumatran Tiger & Chimp Statues are totally authentic and the stars of any Circus Themed Party

Elephant Prop on Plinth

Full Sized Lion, Bear and seated Elephant props available to hire. These totally realistic, life-sized models are made from fibreglass resin and highly detailed. These beautiful, full sized models are perfect for a Circus, Fairground or Jungle themed event.

These large models are hand finished by expert craftsmen. Each piece is totally unique. These large animal models look stunning either side of a stage or entranceway, to set the scene at your event.

Pucker Up with this Kissing Booth, Peep Through Board

Luxury Circus Table Centrepieces

Vintage, Traditional Prize Wheel. 4ft Diameter

Personalised Circus Cake Table Backdrop on Stand

Greatest Show Sign Hire

Create your own Special, Greatest Showman style Party by adding some Personalised Signage!

Giant Candy Cane and Lollipop Entrance

Flame Light Entrance

Elephant Prop Children's Parties

Kids Love this Life Sized Seated Elephant Statue

Pic Credit:

Step Right Up, Vintage Circus Sign Prop.

4ft x 4ft on freestanding frame.

7ft Tall, Freestanding Star Prop with USA Flag Decoration

No Circus/ Greatest Showman Theme is complete without The Hall of Mirrors, Crazy Distortion Mirrors

Pic Credit:

Children's Circus Themed Party

Circus Sign Letters mounted on frame that can be suspended from rigging or on legs supplied.

Giant 3D Potted Flowers and Flamingo Statues in Fibreglass Resin

This Full Sized King of the Jungle Lion Statue can be the focal point of any Circus Themed Children's Party!

Pic Credit:

Light up Cinema Sign with Circus Bulb Arrow

4ft Tall, Large Light up Gold Glitter Star Props

Kiddie Cart/ Circus Car/ Ride on Cozy Coupes, Children's Cars to hire for Children's Parties

These Light up Stars and Beautiful, Traditional Carousel Horses, are the perfect backdrop on the stage for your Circus Party Performers

Fairground Distortion Mirrors, Funfair Mirrors or Crazy Mirrors (5 available to hire)

Welcome to The Circus Hanging Signs. Two of these available. (These can be Personalised.)

Carousel Horses, Lion and Elephant Statues, Bring the Greatest Show to Life!

Pic Credit:

Giant, Personalised ClapperBoard (4 available)

Light up, Personalised Fairground Style Sign, complete with any message/ logo etc

Personalised Circus/ Greatest Showman Signs. We can add your special messages!

Personalised Circus Party Sign with one of our stunning, life sized Tiger statues. These realistic Tigers are expertly hand painted, with glass eyes and real whiskers!

Freestanding CIRCUS Letters. 4ft Tall and Brightly Coloured

Circus Entranceway with Red Velvet Curtains. Sets the scene for any Greatest Showman Party.

Beautiful and unique, hand painted Circus/ Greatest Showman Themed, Table Centrepieces available to hire for Children's Parties, as part of our Greatest Showman inspired Prop Hire packages. (Min spends apply)

Ask about these colourful, hand decorated Circus Plinths can be used to elevate the animal statues and make them more of a statement piece.

New for 2019: 4ft Tall, Stand up Numbers in Traditional Circus Colours and Font. Perfect for Children's Parties.

Beautiful, Vintage, Rococo, Red Velvet Three Seat Sofa.

Relax in style at your event, with this elegant Louis Style Sofa

Zebra Statue Prop on Circus Plinth

Hand Painted Circus Plinths. These can be hired alongside the animal statues or on their own.

Circus Bar/ Booth/ Serving Stall or Popcorn Stand. Header Sign can be Personalised.

Who doesn't love having their Cocktails served from a Tiki Bar! Monkey Mixologists are optional!

This large Buzz Wire Game, or 'Beat the Buzzer' is a real fun challenge for all ages.

Step Right up and Try your Luck at these Traditional Fairground/ Funfair games: Bucket Ball & Hoopla!

This Traditional, Full sized Hook A Duck Game is a family favourite and great fun for smaller children.

 'Showtime! The Greatest Show on Earth!' 

Home & Garden Party Packages Available for Birthdays and Family Celebrations.

Circus/ Greatest Showman Themed Parties in 2019 are proving to be very popular and so we are currently expanding our range of props to celebrate this theme, with several large, unique and colourful Circus/ Carnival/ Fun Fair Props under construction. Please get in touch for details on the following NEW Props:

Greatest Showman inspired, Circus Ringmaster Mannequin in Professional Costume, to greet guests as they arrive at your Greatest Show Party!

Giant FREAK SHOW Sign Prop: 7ft wide and stands 6ft tall. Traditional and Vintage Style Freak Show Sign. This Brand New FREAK SHOW Prop has been hand crafted in our own Prop Studio. It features a moulded frame, vintage style lettering and colourful bulbs around the perimeter. 

Giant STEP RIGHT UP Sign Prop: 7ft wide and standing 6ft tall. Traditional Circus/ Carnival Step Right Up Sign Prop. This prop is one of our brand new range of exciting Vintage Style Circus Themed Props. Hand finished and surrounded with colourful bulbs. A real Attention Grabber!

Vintage Sideshow Banners: We have some thrilling Sideshow Banners on stands. These nostalgic, fun, colourful, strange and weird Sideshow Banners are evocative of a bygone era of the inexplicable and macabre!

Vintage Sideshow A-framed Banners: These Vintage Style, Sideshow Banners are mounted on traditional A-framed Wooden Sandwich Board frames. These look ideal either side of an entrance way, or beside our red carpet entrance. 

Circus Wagon Cage: This Large, Traditional Circus Wagon can contain one or more of our new range of Giant Circus Animal Props

Pair of Giant Giraffe Statues: These Stunning 6t Tall Fibreglass/ Resin Giraffe Statues are totally realistic and a fabulous addition to any Circus Themed Party. The Giraffe Statues can also be placed inside our Traditional Circus Wagon Cage.

Life-Sized Carousel Horse Models: These Stunning Fibreglass/ Resin Carousel Horses are exquisitely detailed, traditional Carousel Horse Props enhance any Fairground or Carnival Themed Event. Our Carousel Horses are in great demand at London Parties.

Life-Sized Lion King Statue: Full Sized Lion King statue for hire. Made from fibreglass resin. Perfect for a Circus, Fairground or Jungle themed event.

Life-Sized Elephant Prop: 5ft tall, seated elephant made from fibreglass resin. Perfect for Circus themed parties and events.

Christ The Redeemer Statue: 8ft tall, fibreglass Resin Statue in 3D, Totally authentic Replica. Perfect for Rio Carnival Theme.

Life-Sized Tigers and Zebras: Full Sized Sumatran Tiger Statues for hire as well as a pair of Beautiful Zebra Foal Statues

Walk Through Circus Entranceways: Various sizes available. Can be personalised

Circus/ Greatest Showman inspired Table Centrepiece Hire: Vintage, hand painted, unique Circus Centrepieces available for Children's Birthday Parties

Traditional, Vintage Style Games Hire: Hoopla, Huck a Duck, Bucket Ball, Buzz Wire, Tin Can Alley

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