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  Luxury, Themed Table Centrepieces

       Spectacular, Themed Table Centrepieces for the Ultimate styling of the tables at your event.


If you are planning an event, remember for successful event planning, it's all about the detail!

 Event Prop Shop can provide some awesome, unique, Table Centrepieces for a dramatic and stylish statement at your event.

We make all the Table Centrepieces ourselves, here in our studios, so of there is something special you have in mind, we can help create it!

If you are looking for Giant, Light up Martini Glasses, Eiffel Tower Vases with Giant Ostrich Feathers or Colourful, Fun Hand painted Table Centrepieces, to reflect your theme, let us show you what we can bring to your Table!



Celtic Manor ICC Table Centrepieces

 Lily Vases with Ostrich Feathers  and mirrored baseplate uplights. Seen here, in the Caernarfon Ballroom, Celtic Manor Resort.

Light up Orb Table Centrepieces Hire

300mm Light up 'Orb' Table Centrepieces. These can be lit in any colour. Seen here in red, white and blue, for a 'Best of British' themed party.

Greatest Showman table Centrepieces

These Luxurious, Circus Themed, Table Centrepieces can be finished with a Personalised Ticket, to celebrate a Birthday, Bar-Mitzvah or other Special Occasion.

Branded Light up Table Centrepieces

These Branded, Light up Orb Table Centrepieces can be coloured to match any theme. Simple, elegant and stylish, they make the perfect finishing touch at any dinner, party or banquet. 

No Time To Die Prop Hire

 Giant Martini Glass, Table Centrepieces, decorating the tables at this event held in Central London.

Elephant table Centrepieces

Highly Decorated Ceremonial Elephant on A Traditionally patterned Circus Plinth with natural rope handles. All hand painted and decorated. perfect for Circus Themed parties.

Circus Table Centrepieces

Three Tiered 'Hat Box' Design Table Centrepiece, adorned with three Silver Elephants. All hand finished and painted in Traditional Circus Patterns, feathers and tassels.

Beautiful hand Decorated Circus/ Greates

Another example of our Three Tier 'Hat Box' Style Table Centrepieces. All hand painted and decorated with feathers, tassels and ribbons. Adorned with two Gold Monkey Statues.

Circus Plinth Table Centrepiece Hire
Circus Table Centres to hire

Chrome Circus attired Dog with white Ruff and patterned Flat Cap. He sits proudly on a hand decorated Circus Plinth, finished with natural rope. Perfect for Circus and Greatest Showman Themed Parties.

Elephant Table Centrepiece Hire

Hand Decorated, Silver Elephant, Table Centrepiece, on a traditional, hand painted Plinth with rope. Ideal for Circus and Greatest Showman Themed Parties and Celebrations

Feather Table Centrepieces. Celtic manor Resort, ICC Wales, Bristol, Cardiff

Luxury Ostrich Feather Table Centrepieces that can be up-lit to match your colour theme using our Mirrored, Led Base Plate up lights

Large, Hand painted Giraffe, Table Centrepiece on Traditional Circus Patterned Plinth with natural  rope handles

Wonka Tree Centrepieces

These Swirly Tree Table Centres are ideal for a Charlie's Chocolate Party, themed event.

Luxury Crystal Table Centrepieces

Luxury Crystal Table Centres. They are available to hire for any occasion including weddings, parties and corporate events.

Martini Glass Table Centrepieces
Alice in Wonderland Table Centrepieces
Alice in Wonderland Table Centres_

Giant Martini Glass Table Centrepieces up -lit in any colour.

Stacked, Hand Painted, Giant cups and Saucers, with Topiary Balls

These Swirly Topiary Trees in Giant Teapots are perfect for a Wonderland Theme

Alice in Wonderland Table Centrepieces
Alice in Wonderland Prop Hire

Giant, Hand Painted, Cups, Saucers & Teapots

Golden Urns with Coloured Topiary Balls

Table Centrepieces Parkgate Hotel Cardiff
Circus Table Centrepiece Hire

LED Rechargeable 'Orbs' Also known as 'Moon Balls' or 'Spheres' on  6" White or Black Plinths

These Rock Hopper Penguins make a huge impact when used as Table Centrepieces.

Personalised Light up Orb, Table Centrepieces
Branded, Gold Sequin Curtain Entranceway
Branded Light up Table Centres

Branded Light up Orb Table Centres. Lit in any colour.

Why not add a VIP Entranceway, to greets your VIP Guests?

Reinforce your brand with a #corporate message or logo.

Circus Table Centrepieces

Circus Bear Balancing on a ball.

Luxury Circus Table Centrepieces

Luxury Circus Themed Table Centrepieces: Animals wearing bow ties, party hats, ruffs and balls.

Carousel Zebra, Luxury Table Centrepiece

These Luxurious Elephant Table Centrepieces are balancing a ball and wearing ceremonial silk costumes.

These High Quality Circus Husky Table Centrepieces, are wearing party hats and ruffs

Mad Hatter Tea party Hire

Event Prop Shop can supply everything you need, for a Spectacular, Bonkers, Mad Hatter Tea Party!

These props can either be supplied dry-hire, ready for you to decorate your venue, or we offer a styling service, where our team will set up everything ready for your party. 

Nationwide deliveries!

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