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Farmyard Theme/ Wild West/ Pumpkin Patch 

Farmyard Themed Props for Children's Parties

7ft Tall, 8ft Wide, Red Barn Front. Hand painted & Freestanding. The perfect Farmyard backdrop 

Lifesized Farmyard Animals. Horse, Pig, Lamb, Sheep, Goose, Cow

Life-sized Farmyard Animal Props. Sheep, Cow, Lamb, Pig, Foal, Calf & Goose!


Try Your Luck at this Traditional, Hand Painted, Milk Churn Toss Game

Splat The Rat Traditional Hand painted Game

Life-sized Farmyard Animal Props

Life-Sized Calf/ Baby Cow Statue Prop. Sheep & Lamb Props.

Cactus Toss Game with Wooden Hoops

Tic Tac Toe Hand Painted game with two Log Stools

Vintage Wooden Barrel Props

Life Sized Pigs & Piglet Statues

Howdy Partner! Life-sized Cowboy with Welcome Sign!

Test your Aim, at this Traditional Hand Painted Duck Shoot Game!

Rustic Hand Cart/ Wagon with Grain Sacks

Wild West Prop Hire Cardiff

Life-Sized Ducks. Giant Sunflowers, Boulder Plinths, Milk Churns

Coconut Shy Game Hire

Traditional Coconut Shy Game

Life-sized Red Fox Modl, Prop

Life-sized Red Fox Model, in exquisite detail!

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