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Farmyard Theme/ Wild West/ Pumpkin Patch 

Farmyard Themed Props for Children's Parties

7ft Tall, 8ft Wide, Red Barn Front. Hand painted & Freestanding. The perfect Farmyard backdrop 

Lifesized Farmyard Animals. Horse, Pig, Lamb, Sheep, Goose, Cow

Life-sized Farmyard Animal Props. Sheep, Cow, Lamb, Pig, Foal, Calf & Goose!


Try Your Luck at this Traditional, Hand Painted, Milk Churn Toss Game

Splat The Rat Game Hire_edited.jpg

Splat The Rat Traditional Hand painted Game

Life-sized Farmyard Animal Props

Life-Sized Calf/ Baby Cow Statue Prop. Sheep & Lamb Props.

Cactus Toss Game_edited.jpg

Cactus Toss Game with Wooden Hoops

Tic Tac Toe Traditional Games Hire Cardi

Tic Tac Toe Hand Painted game with two Log Stools

Vintage Wooden Barrel Props

Life Sized Pigs & Piglet Statues

Howdy Partner! Life-sized Cowboy with Welcome Sign!

Duck Shoot Traditional Carnival Game_edi

Test your Aim, at this Traditional Hand Painted Duck Shoot Game!

Rustic Hand Cart/ Wagon with Grain Sacks

Wild West Prop Hire Cardiff

Life-Sized Ducks. Giant Sunflowers, Boulder Plinths, Milk Churns

Coconut Shy Game Hire_edited.jpg

Traditional Coconut Shy Game

Life-sized Red Fox Modl, Prop

Life-sized Red Fox Model, in exquisite detail!

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