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Alice's Wonderland Themed Prop Hire
Mad Hatter's Tea Party

This is one of our favourite themes and we have some fabulous new props rolling off the production line in our prop studio. Transport your guest to this magical World with our Alice in Wonderland Themed Prop Hire. Giant Candy Cane Props, Giant Swirly Lollipops and magical, fantasy props available to hire for an Alice Through The Looking Glass Themed Party or any Wonderland Themed Special Occasion.

Guests were invited to 'Follow the Rabbit at this Spectacular event.

(Pic Courtesy Oliver Robinson Photography.

Traditional Carousel Horse Hire
Candy Cane Prop Hire Christmas

Alice's Magical Entrance with Bay Trees, Candy Canes and Swirly Pops.

Giant King and Queen of hearts Playing Card Prop hire 8ft Tall
Fantasy Mushroom backdrops

8ft x 8ft Fantasy Mushroom Backdrops

Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland Garden p

This Mad Hatter Statue is suitable for indoors and outdoors

Giant Golden Key Prop

Giant, Golden Key Prop.

Bristol Medics Galenicals Ball 2019
Mad hatter Tea party Hire.jpg

Branded Cinema Sign, Light up, Backwards Clock and Giant Chess Pieces

Bespoke Table Decorations for a completely bonkers, Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

2019-07-29 23.40.17.jpg
Fantasy Mushroom Backdrop
Celtic Manor & ICC Wales, Alice in Wonderland event theme and Table Centrepieces

6ft Playing Card Soldiers

Giant Chess, Alice In Wonderland Birthda

Giant Chess Pieces on a Chequered Floor Panel.

This Giant, Light up Clapper Board greeted guests as they arrived at the MBA Ball 2018 in Oxford.

(Pic Courtesy Oliver Robinson Photography.

Pink Flamingo & Toadstools Children's Bi
Alice in Wonderland Crooked Clock and Mu

Pink Flamingo Statues 4ft Tall with Colourful Mushroom Stools

Traditional Fairground Games

White Picket Fence Panel & Gazebo Hire

Alice's giant Twisted Grandfather Clock

Distortion Mirrors and Showtime Signs
Giant White Rabbit Prop Hire
6ft White Rabbit Prop 
Alice in Wonderland Big Chair Prop Hire

Alice in Wonderland, Giant 8ft Tall Chair with Cheshire Cat

Stack of Teapots Children's Party

7ft Tall, Stack of  Colourful Teapots Prop

This Way, That Way Signs

This Way, That Way Finger Post Signs.

Queen of Hearts Lifesized Statue

Large Queen of Hearts Statue

Giant Swan Statue 4ft tall, 6ft long

4ft tall Giant Swan Statue

Rustic Entranceway with Grass Runner

Rustic Entrance with Grass Runner

Red and White Mushrooms Prop Hire

Red & White Mushroom, Toadstool Props for Hire

Giant Friendly Snail Statues

Giant Friendly Snail Statues 2ft tall

Table Centrepiece Hire in London

Light up Silhouette Panels and Giant Martini Glass Table Centrepieces.

Alice in Wonderland table Centrepieces
Alice in Wonderland Table Centrepieces

Martini Glass Table Centrepieces with green foliage balls, with red roses

Traditional Fairground games

Traditional Garden Birthday Games Hire

Gold Glitter Light up Star Hire

Gold Glitter, Light up Stars. Perfect for any occasion.

Alice in Wonderland Children's garden pa

Mushroom Table and Stool Sets

Giant Fairytale Book Prop

Giant 'Once Upon a Time' Fairytale Book Prop 8ft wide, 7 ft tall.

6ft Drink Me Bottle

6ft tall, 'Drink Me' Poison Bottle Prop

Large Gold Glitter Star Hire Circus

Sparkling, Gold Glitter Stars in different sizes

Personalised Welcome to the Circus Signs

Greet your Guests with a personalised, light up Sign

Candy Cart/ Drinks Table

Red & White Striped Candy Cart/ Drinks Table/ Party Bag Table

Awards Ceremony Prop Hire

Large Freestanding Gold Glitter Star on Red Carpet Entranceway

Giant 'Fun' Sign in lights 6ft x 4ft

'FUN' Sign in Lights. 6ft x 4ft

Alice in Wonderland Table Centrepieces

Hand Painted, Giant Teapot, cup and saucer Table Centrepieces

Fairytale Entranceway

Fairytale, Foliage Entranceway

Wonderland Party Prop Hire_edited.jpg

Onederland Party Sign with Easel

Alice in Wonderland Table Centrepieces
Foliage Wall with Gold Frames

8ft x 8ft Foliage Wall with gold frames

Giant Popcorn Bucket Prop Hire

6ft Tall 2D Popcorn Buckets on Stands

Alice in Wonderland Prop Hire

Large, Alice in Wonderland Inspired Table Centrepieces

Hand painted Giant Cups and Saucers with Topiary Ball Table Centrepieces.

Tropical Plant & Blossom Tree Hire
A Large Selection of  Colourful Blossom Trees, Tropical Plants and Topiary Trees Available to Hire
Flamingo Croquet Hire

Flamingo Croquet Hire

Giant Flowers for Hire

Giant, Artificial Sunflowers in pots

4ft Pink Butterfly Props

4ft Pink Butterflies

Mad Hatter Tea party Hire

Seen here at the Fabulous Hedsor House in Hertfordshire:

Event Prop Shop can provide all the table decor for a completely Bonkers, Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Uniquely curated, wit hand decorated, oversized props, to create a Stunning Display at your party.

Available either as a dry -hire package or with our bespoke styling service.

Deliveries throughout the UK

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