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Halloween, Twisted Circus Theme Ideas

We have a range of Spooky Halloween/ Ghost themed/ Pumpkin Patch Props available to help create a ghoulish display to scare your guests! If you are looking for a Horror Theme, Ghost Train or Freak Show, we can help! Let us know your brief and our team will create a bespoke display to suit your theme.

Halloween Prop Hire
Halloween Prop Hire
Halloween Wedding props

Ghoulish, Halloween Ticket Booth and Caged Skeleton Wagon.

Skeletons and Pumpkins, Chains and Ghostly Props.

Ticket Booth Prop Hire
Halloween Prop Hire Events

Ghosts, Horrors, Zombies and all kinds of Terrifying Props available to hire for a Halloween Wedding

Hall of Mirrors, Fairground Mirrors

Spiders, Pumpkins, Bats and Flame Retardant Cobwebs

Skeletons, Spiders and Pumpkins are essential elements, for a 'Spooktacular' Fright Night!

Hall of Mirrors, Weird and Spooky Distortion Mirrors.

Halloween Cemetery Props
Pumpkin Patch, Halloween Prop Hire
Halloween Entranceway, Cemetry

Full Size Grave Stone Props

Pumpkin Patch Dolls and colourful Pumpkins

Walk through Halloween Entranceway and Eerie Signage.

Pennywise Clown Prop

Hand Painted, 6ft Scary Clown Standee with Red Balloon.

Animatronic Werewolf Prop

9ft Tall, Howling Werefolf, Animatronic Prop

Fortune Teller Prop

Spooky Fortune Teller Prop with Crystal Ball and Table

Halloween Pumpkin Props

Vintage Crates & Pumpkin Props

IMG_4419Halloween Freak Show

7ft wide, 4ft high, Freak Show Sign on stand

Halloween Prop Hire
Fortune Teller prop Hire

Fortune Teller with Crystal Ball

Rat Skeleton Prop

Spooky, Rat and Spider Skeletons

IMG_43Halloween Cemetery Sign

Cemetery Sign Prop

Halloween Skeleton Prop

Skeleton Figures with Ball and Chains

Halloween Prop Hire

Life Sized, Animatronic Skeletons

Gold Curtain Entranceway

Hand painted fortune Teller Sign, supplied on easel.

Pennywise Prop

Unattended Children will be Sold to the Circus

Halloween Kissing Booth

Ghostly Figure inside Kissing Booth Prop

Trick or Treat Halloween Props

Trick or Treat Bowls

Giant Pumpkin Prop

Oversized Pumpkin Props with Lights and Sounds

Rustic wagon filled with sacks

Walk Through Cemetery Entrance

Gold Sequin & Black Drape Entranceway

Rustic Cart filled with sacks

Halloween Skull Props

Skulls & Accessories to style your Halloween Event

Halloween Black Cat Prop
Halloween Prop  Hire Cardiff

Black Cats, Candles & Pumpkins

Halloween Wedding, set up at the Celtic Manor Resort

Halloween Table Centrepieces

Halloween Spooky Fireplace Prop

Halloween Table Centrepieces

Gothic Throne Chairs

Halloween Themed Party Nights at SWX Bristol.

Independent Club Space & Music Hall

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