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Traditional Fairground Games

Traditional Fairground Games

This Vintage, Hand Painted Hoopla Game comes with Traditional, Wooden, Throwing Hoops.

favourite for Children's Parties and any event looking for some interactive, stylish fun for any ages.

Hook a Duck Game Hire

We are adding to our range of Traditional Fairground Games every week. 

These can be used for Children's Parties, Team Building events and Charity Fundraisers.

Knock em Down, Stack em Up, Tin Can Alle

This 'Stack 'em up, Knock 'em Down' Traditionally, hand painted game is our own version of Tin Can Alley!

Coconut Shy Game Hire

This is our version of the Traditional Fairground Game, Coconut Shy! 

Three Balls, just 'Knock em Down'

The Coconuts are hinged, so quickly re-set after they've been knocked over.

Like all our Traditional Fairground games, Coconut Shy is Freestanding, hand painted from reclaimed materials and sits at around 6ft tall.

Splat The Rat Game Hire

Splat The Rat! This traditional favourite, is always popular at at Children's Parties. Try and Splat the Rat, as it drops from the drainpipe! 

Circus Strongman Peep Through

Traditional Circus Strongman. hand painted Peep Through Board. 6ft x 4ft

Circus Ticket Booth Prop

Traditional, Vintage, Ticket Booth. Has sparkling Cabochon Bulbs around the top.

Lion Peep Through Board

Be the Star of the Show, with this one of a kind, hand painted, traditional, Lion Peep Through Board. 6ft x 4ft.

Duck Shoot Traditional Carnival Game

Test your aim with this traditional, hand painted, Duck Shoot game. This game can be hired with either Nerf guns, with safe foam darts or if you prefer, bean bags or balls.

Milk Churn Toss Game

Traditional, Hand Painted, Milk Churn Toss Game. 'Get One In to Win!'

This freestanding game come with all balls and traditional milk churns.

Classic Axe Throwing Game with Safety Axes.

This Traditionally Painted Bucket Ball Game is a perfect addition to a Fairground, Circus or Carnival Themed Party. 

Children and adults alike will enjoy the challenge of getting the balls to stay in the bucket!

Hook A Duck Game Hire

Hook A Duck is a Traditional Favourite at Parties, Carnivals and Fetes. This version has been lovingly hand painted in a vintage style and would be a beautiful addition to a Child's Birthday Celebration.

Buzz Wire Game Hire, Children's Parties

This Buzzin' Buzz Wire Game is a real challenge to beat! Lights up and buzzes! Battery powered so no power supply or Pat Testing required. Ideal for Children's Birthday Parties, Fundraisers and Corporate Events!

Vintage Carnival Wheel Hire

Large, hand decorated Spinning Prize Wheel. Great fun game to play for all ages. We can also supply novelty prizes if required!

Cactus Toss Game

Test your skill with this Cactus Toss game! Throw the traditional wooden hoops and try and land them on the arms of the cactus, to win!

Frisbee Toss, Traditional Game

Traditional 'Frisbee Toss' Game.

Try Your Luck! Throw the Frisbees and try and get them through the slots, to win!

Circus themed Sweetie Cart

Red and White Striped Candy/ Sweetie Cart.

Can also be used as a Popcorn Cart, Prize, Cake or Party Bag Table.

Giant Popcorn Bucket Props

6ft Popcorn Bucket Props. Lots of Giant Candy Canes and Lollipops also available

Hall of Mirrors, Fairground Mirrors

Traditional Hall of Mirrors. fairground Distortion Mirrors.

Fish Bowl Toss Game Hire

Traditional, Hand Painted, 'Fish Bowl Toss!' Game. Test your skills! Land a ball in a fish bowl to Win!

It's not as easy as it looks!

Axe Throwing Game

5ft tall, Traditional Axe Throwing Game, with plastic and foam axes and a bristle target. Great Fun for all Ages!

Tic Tac Toe Traditional Games Hire Cardiff

Traditional Tic Tac Toe Game. 4ft x 2ft playing surface. Comes with two vintage crates, playing discs and two log stools or mushroom stools.

Traditional Garden games hire with gazebos

If your event is outdoors, add some all weather Gazebos and Picket Fence Panels to your Traditional Games Package.

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